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Monday, May 15, 2006

Thanks George Will 

Yesterday, on This Week, George Will finally gave me what I’ve been looking for a long time; the political positions that define a ‘conservative.’

It use to be, they talked about family values, fiscal discipline, accountability, transparency in government, and on and on. We know now that when they are completely in charge, they forget the tenets of their alleged conservatism.

So anyway, back to George Will. Donna Brazille made some remark casting doubt on John McCain’s conservative credentials. Will, ever the pedantic pundit, came to McCain’s defense, albeit with a caveat.

“I’m out of practice defending McCain. But let me just...(drowned out by laughter). You say he’s not a conservative. Pro life. Pro war. He now supports some of the president’s tax cuts to make them permanent. He voted to protect gun makers from liability. He’s going to vote, probably, certainly in Arizona, a state to define marriage as between a man and a woman. He’ll be against the federal version of that because ‘I’m a cultural federalist.’

Thankfully, Will spared us some obscure historical reference. He did not mention, however, the obvious tension between being both ‘pro life’ and ‘pro war.’ He also did not elaborate whether, in his view, McCain is pro war in terms of Iraq, or just likes war in general as part of a belligerent foreign policy.

As for the tax cuts for the wealthy, is it fiscally responsible to eliminate a source of income when you are in debt up to your ass? If this is conservative fiscal policy, lord help us.

“He voted to protect gun makers from liability.” Evidently, when it comes to protecting large corporate interests from the people, McCain is not a ‘cultural federalist.’ (See below). So, depending on the issue, McCain may or may not be for states’ rights when it comes to laws such a product liability.

As for the marriage act, conservatism apparently believes in the tyranny of the majority to impose their religious views on the nation and I discussed the ‘selective federalism’ already.

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