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Monday, December 05, 2005

Two Plus Two: Variation of the Vietnam "Body Count" Subterfuge 

NEW YORK In his major speech this week outlining a strategy for Iraq that might turn around public opinion on the war, President Bush used the word victory 15 times against a backdrop of dozens of “Plan for Victory” signs. Is victory really in our grasp—-and was the talk based more on changing poll results than really setting a wise course in Iraq?

The questions will gain even more relevance with a revelation coming in Sunday’s New York Times. It seems that in a part of the 35-page “Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” document posted on the White House web site, a few key strokes by those in know reveal that the document’s originator or author, is one “feaver-p.”

This person is Dr. Peter D. Feaver, a 43-year-old Duke University political scientist who joined the National Security Council staff as a special adviser in June. White House officials, while saying the document contained contributions from many federal departments, confirmed, according to the Times, that “its creation and presentation strongly reflected the public opinion research” of Dr. Feaver.

Feaver, the Times’ Scott Shane writes, “was recruited after he and Duke colleagues presented to administration officials their analysis of polls about the Iraq war in 2003 and 2004.

They concluded that Americans would support a war with mounting casualties on one condition: that they believe it would ultimately succeed."

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Then Old Fashioned Patriot Notices This Suspicious Pattern:

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

"This list isn't all inclusive but I am noticing a pattern here:"

Nov 19th - 9 US Soldiers Killed
Nov 20th - al-Zarqawi Dead? Al Qaeda Terrorist Perhaps Killed in Firefight

Nov 16th - 8 US Soldiers Killed

Nov 2nd - 7 US Soldiers Killed
Nov 3rd - Top Al Qaeda Leader Believed Captured

Sep 28th - 7 US Soldiers Killed
Sep 28th - Al-Qaida chief killed, says Pakistan

posted by George @ 12/03/2005 06:17:00 PM

Probably just another morbid coincidence and not an attempt to assuage public opinion.


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