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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Beyond Callous: The Ever-Important Photo-op 

Laura Bush will visit Lafayette
Jason Brown jbrown@theadvertiser.com

First lady Laura Bush is scheduled to arrive Friday in Lafayette to visit with victims of Hurricane Katrina, officials said today.Peter Watkins, deputy press secretary to the first lady, said she is tentatively scheduled to tour the Cajundome, where thousands of evacuees are being sheltered, at noon.

This is the only scheduled visit of a shelter by the first lady.

Evacuees at Cajundome wait for first lady, and for lunch
Jan Risher jrisher@theadvertiser.com

As the first lady toured the Red Cross shelter at the Cajundome this morning, a line of evacuees waiting to eat their lunch trickled out the door of the Dome.

First lady Laura Bush arrived about midday to tour the shelter and meet evacuees.By 12:50 p.m., the trays of food were still covered and hungry evacuees stood in line, holding empty plates. Rice, beans and jambalaya were on the menu. About that time, volunteers began rolling the carts of food into position to serve.

My reading of these events leads me to the conclusion that hungry people were not fed until such time as Laura Bush could arrive and get a favorable photo-op. I hope I'm wrong, but this is emblematic of this administration where it's always image over substance.

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