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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Das Gropenfuhrer Flip-Flops on Tainted Cash 

Schwarzenegger to return $10,000 after all

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided it's better, on second thought, not to keep $10,000 donated to his campaign by Maumee rare-coin dealer Tom Noe.

Last week, Mr. Schwarzenegger's chief fund-raiser said the governor planned to keep the donation but yesterday, a campaign adviser to the governor reversed course, saying he has ordered the money be returned.

Toledo Blade

It should also be noted that the political ad rewarding major donors with "product placement" is no longer being broadcast nor is it available at the promotional website www.joinarnold.com

Now, musclehead is going after public employee unions and trying to blame them for out of control state spending and Arnold's own inability to balance a budget. At a time when there's a critical shortage of trained nurses and efforts are being made to recruit and retain teachers, this bonehead decides it's wise to attack the unions representing these trained professionals. Trained professionals who typically don't command the same salaries as equally trained professionals in the private sector.

For Arnold's and the GOP's latest attack on free speech and the First Amendment, go to Arnold Watch by clicking link in r-hand margin.

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