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Sunday, January 30, 2005

QUID PRO QUO: Talon News and the White House


See http://www.talonnews.com/
See www.mediamatters.org

I am sure this is just a coincidence but one of the “Talon News Team” wrote the following article about John Kerry in October which villified Kerry by calling him a "traitor" without any pretense of objectivity. If this isn’t a cut and paste job from some Swiftboat Liars for War Profiteers piece, I’d really be surprised. Reputable news organizations had already proven that the SLWP attacks were blatantly false, but here it is in print from a part of the Talon News Team.

I have to conclude that access is a quid pro quo from Rove to Talon News. Seriously, the White House press corp. is a fairly exclusive club and it must really grate them to have a clown like Jeff Gannon in their midst; someone who completed an “intensive” two day seminar and calls it “graduating.” The “intensive” part cracks me up...

(Begin Article)
The Barbarian And The Traitor

October 4, 2004

By Doug Patton (Talon News Team Member)
Graphic video showing evil Islamist monsters beheading innocent human beings, most of them Americans, is readily available on the Internet. My best friend won’t watch it. My wife can’t even stand to hear me describe it. I understand why they feel the way they do, but I make it a point to watch each and every one of these barbaric executions.

When Daniel Pearl, the young Jewish journalist, was kidnapped and murdered, his death was accomplished with what appeared to be a razor-sharp scimitar. It was quick, and I imagine he suffered very little.

That is not the modus operandi of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, the self-appointed executioner who now operates in Iraq, personally carrying out deeds Osama bin Laden only experiences vicariously through the acts of others. Al-Zarqawi likes to maximize his inflicted terror — for both victim and viewer — by using what appears to be a relatively dull butcher knife.
The video of al-Zarqawi’s latest cold-blooded murder is the most graphic thing I have ever seen. It is a stomach-wrenching sight I will refrain from describing in detail.

Why do I subject myself to images of such vicious cruelty? Because I want my anger to remain white hot toward the vermin who would do such things to innocent people. I want to be aware that every Islamic terrorist in the world would like to do to every man, woman and child in America what al-Zarqawi did to Nick Berg, Paul Johnson and Eugene Armstrong.

Now, along with all his other ridiculous accusations, John Kerry chooses to blame George W. Bush for these beheadings. Having failed to get traction on any other issue, John Kerry has settled on a plan to use America’s war on terrorists in Iraq to play on the fears and emotions of voters. With James Carville, Paul Begala and other Clinton hatchet men now in full control, the Kerry campaign hit a desperate new low last week with demeaning remarks toward Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi immediately following his historic address to a joint session of Congress (which neither Kerry nor his running mate, both members of the U.S. Senate, bothered to attend).

The same John Kerry who keeps telling us he has a plan to get our estranged allies involved in Iraq cannot even act respectfully toward a courageous Iraqi patriot struggling to bring democracy to his embattled nation after decades of tyranny.

The same John Kerry, who served four months in Vietnam, coming home with three purple hearts for superficial wounds, now belittles the president’s service in the National Guard, thereby demeaning the service of 100,000-plus Guard and Reserve troops now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The same John Kerry who betrayed the men with whom he served, publicly calling them war criminals, traveled to Paris while still a member of the Navy Reserves and met with the enemy while Americans were still dying on the battlefield and suffering torture in North Vietnamese prison camps.

The same John Kerry who threw away the medals awarded to him by a grateful nation now wants us to believe he is a war hero.

The same John Kerry who spent twenty years in the United States Senate doing all in his power to erode the security of America now asks to be the Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces.

And the same John Kerry who admitted to personally committing atrocities in Vietnam is now running sleazy, self-serving campaign commercials blaming the beheading of innocent Americans not on Islamic terrorists who commit such vile acts but rather on — you guessed it — George W. Bush.

The contempt I feel toward John Kerry is not quite as great as the revulsion I feel toward Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, but it is close. Al-Zarqawi is a barbarian. Kerry is a traitor. I tremble for my country as I contemplate which is worse.
(End Article)

Payola, propaganda backdrops, fake news stories, fabricated stories about Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, staged events like the toppling of the statue, the carrier landing and the Thanksgiving breakfast and the think tank circle jerk are all interrelated. Seriously, this shaky house of cards built on a foundation of lies, character assassination, and deception has got to be about to collapse from its own weight!!
This is another example of the tangled web that the right-wing has developed to gain and keep power and to keep the public misinformed.


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