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Friday, January 21, 2005

Hey Nightline, Thanks for Nothing

According to Ted Koppel, Nightline has been receiving numerous communications since the November election suggesting that an investigation of voting irregularities should be initiated by Nightline. So, to answer their critics, Nightline purported to do just that last night.

I must say, they have managed to bring new meaning to the word “superficial.” The conclusion of a couple of pollster basically boils down to “more Kerry voters responded to polltakers than Bush voters.” Wow! Could the answer be any more simple or any less impossible to verify?

The main question that Nightline elected to ignore is the charge that there was a direct correlation between the voting apparatus employed with an auditable paper trail and the reported discrepancy between the poll numbers and the vote count, This is the crux of the issue because if true, it is difficult to explain away. Of course, no mention of this particular issue made its way into the report.

For half the program, Koppel interviewed Cokie Roberts and some guy whose name I didn’t catch, purportedly to talk about the election. Naturally, they talked about past times when elections actually were stolen, like say in 1960. We even heard talk about Richard Daley in Chicago influencing or stealing the vote. Exactly how any of this “history” was relevant to the widespread problems in Ohio is beyond reason.

Curiously omitted was any discussion about the election of 2000 which Bush won with 56% of the vote. You know, 5 out of 9.

A side note to ABC: Please let Cokie enjoy her retirement and stop putting her to work. I still remember her outrage about Clinton’s staff trashing their office and of stealing from Air Force One. Did she ever apologize when those charges were found to be false. Where was her outrage with Ari Fleischer who allowed the charges to fester when he had to know the truth. She’s just another GOP talking headache.

So anyway, thanks for nothing, Ted!

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